Welcome to jeddie.co.uk!

Hi, I'm Jeddie, and you can view my creations here at jeddie.co.uk.

I create digitally using a 3D Content Creation Software, called MODO,
and I also Craft items with my own hands. You can see some samples of
my work in each of these different media below, in the slideshow.

Please choose which medium you'd like to explore by clicking on a choice in the signpost, or by using the navigation menu at the top of the page. Choose 'Digital 3D' for my computer imagery, and 'Craft' for my handcrafted items.

Quick FAQ

  • Are you a Crafter, or a 3D Artist?

    I am both. I love to create imagined imagery - I love to make the illusion of color, texture, and character, and it doesn't matter if I use a computer mouse and software, or inks, card, and mica powders.
  • I know what Craft is, but I don't know what you mean by 'digital 3D'?

    Digital 3D is a medium where you interact with your art using a piece of computer software. You have probably seen this kind of work - it's often used for product shots, the computer games that allow you to move the character through a 3D world, and animated films (think Pixar). This is not 3D as in stereoscopic 3D, involving glasses, or 3D TVs. It is called 3D because you create your work in 3D space, and then render an image from it (like taking a photo of it.) You have complete control over the 3D form, colours, textures, and lighting of your work. You even digitally sculpt and paint your work!
    CG (Computer Generated) imagery is another term used for this kind of art. I think that can be misleading, because the artist using the software has an awful lot of control over the look of their artwork. Whilst the final image is generated by the computer when rendering the image, you are responsible for the items, colors, and textures in the scene. I think of it like baking your cake after you made the batter, or taking a photo of the sculpture you just made and painted.
  • I know what a 3D artist is - but what do you mean by Craft, and why do both?

    Crafting is a very broad term. I do a mixture of a lot of crafts, but mainly consider myself a Papercrafter. That can mean making greetings cards, decorating substantial things like cabinets, plaques, and other home decor or display items - all kinds of things. I can also be found enjoying knitting, patchworking, sewing home decor projects, baking and all sorts of other makey things.
    Crafting is very similar to 3D art, in its way. It is thinking of an image or item that appeals to you, creating a base structure for it, and then adding all kinds of colors and textures to it to make a final visual. It's just much more hands on than digital work, and you end up with a more tangible result. 3D offers me absolute control over the surfaces, lighting, environments, colours and textures in my art, with a minimum of tools. It also allows me to create animation. Both have a very deserved place in creating my vision.