My Story So Far…

I am Jeddie, and I make images and items. I create images and animations using a 3D Content Creation Software called MODO, and I craft items with my own hands using paper, plastic, MDF inks paints and anything else that suits a project.

I have been creating in 3D since 2006, and I currently produce 3D assets and images for myself, for fun, or for free download on the Luxology Share Site.

I enjoy creating in 3D because I find it a freeing medium to bring imagined visions and forms to life. I really enjoy bringing an image concept to the bright, bold, and real-seeming splendour of the final model, image, or animation.

In January 2013, I began working for Luxology (who were in the process of merging with The Foundry at the time) as a QA Engineer for MODO. I stil work in this role with The Foundry to this day, speciallising in testing the many Plugins and Kits available for MODO.

I have crafted (made things) almost all of my life, making cards for every occasion for my loved ones for as long as I can remember, making represetations of props from TV series and Films I like, making imagined inventions, etc. I really got into inkpads, stamping and die cutting and the crafting ‘community’ etc. in December 2013.

I enjoy crafting for much the same reasons as I enjoy 3D. It allows me to turn items from my imagination into a visual – it’s just that craft is hands on and tangible. It allows me to add pleasing colours, textures, and imagery to structures in a real-world environment.


 Where else can I find you on the web?

Can I get email updates about your work?

Yes! You may subscribe to my Craft blog, or 3D blog, or if you prefer – both!