My public web presence has been little to none lately – but I want you to know that I am still here and passionate about creating.

I started working for The Foundry in MODO QA at the beginning of 2013, and am still working in that position, specializing in MODO Plugins and Kits, and love my work. However, this commitment has given me less time to publish my creative work.

I love creating in MODO. It is a medium that allows you to make anything – whether physically possible, or not. It allows you to make animations, any geometry, and texture and all without spending money on every color or tool, and without filling your house till it is bursting at the seams.

I have always created with my hands – from cereal box creations of props I love in shows – to more advanced projects today. But about 17 months ago, I have been seriously playing in the world of craft, and have found that I also love this form of creating visions.

I have created a lot in my spare time in these last 18 months, and on this day, I am launching a redesigned website, to house a showcase of both my personal MODO projects, and my craft projects. My craft projects, by and large, rely more on content created by other people (such as commercial stamps and cutting dies) than my MODO work does, but are craft project all my own overall designs, and are handmade. Just like my 3D work – I have tried to cite wherever possible, which parts of a project are entirely my own creation, and which are preset designs, and how I went about creating them.

Hope you enjoy browsing my work!

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