October Updates

I shared two modo renders of mine this month! Well, a final image and a WIP. The first was ‘Steam Iron’, my imagining of a steampunky soldering iron.

My steampunk based soldering iron design.

and the second was a character design WIP. The ‘Pumpkin King’ (Pumpking?). Happy Halloween!!

My original character design - the Pumpkin King.

Speaking of the spookiest night of the year, here are some photos of our Halloween activities!

Pumpkin Jack.

Our Jack-O-Lantern. Thanks to @Facenna for carving him and giving him life!

I baked the seeds of the Pumpkin! Coated with melted butter, cinnamon, cloves, and salt. Yum!

May Updates: The Past Year

I’m afraid I have been leaving my blog a bit quiet for the past months. If you would like updates from me as they happen, please remember you can follow me on twitter.

Since I haven’t been writing my monthly updates, here is a rundown of the past year in my world. I will be trying to add content to this blog more regularly again in the future!

▼ Battenberg

▼ Ladybird in the Garden

▼ Haunted Room

▼  Jeddie’s Luxology Holiday Image Contest 2011 Entry:Guess who uses modo?

▼ Chocolate Hearts – My second to be published in the Luxology Gallery!!

▼ Jeddie’s 601 Doodles

▼ My first Facebook ‘Timeline’ cover – made in 601

▼ Happy Easter! (Opening Egg)


▼ Singing in the Rain

All images made in modo by me; ©Jeddie Facenna June 2011 – April 2012.

Coming up: a little celebratory project for my third modoversary. 3 years since I bought modo!



May Updates – 2nd “modoversary”!

This month I have been working on a short animation to commemorate my second year of owning modo. That’s right – earlier this month (16th), it was two years exactly since I finished my saving and eagerly purchased modo – and what a great purchase that was! 😀
2nd modoversary
Click for more info

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Me on LinkedIn

February Updates

New Image! Keeping simple this month with an everyday (Twiceaday?) item – the toothbrush! 🙂

I’ve been learning about the PICAXE intergrated circuit this month, programming and circuit design, and found that the people at the PICAXE forum are very helpful! Thank you to them for their advice. (Still planning a real-world project, as you can probably guess from that. :P)

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January Updates

This month, say hello to my latest original character; Bill the Bird. 🙂

Bill the Bird

hm!? What What!?? (Clicky.)

There he is, perched on his usual bench beam, somewhat disapprovingly watching the world go by. People weren’t like that in his day! Hurumph.

I’ve also been planning a real-world project that I may embark on, that could be supported in some ways by modo. Can you guess what it is from previous posts? 😀

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, all!

To get into the spooky spirit, I have this new modo render – Haunted House!

(Click image to see more on the Luxology forum.)

Unfortunately, due to my main computer going kaput last Sunday, I am unable to update my main site at the moment. So you wont see any changes there, just yet!

Hope you have a Fab Halloween, all! OooooOoooo Bwah ha ha!

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Happenings of September

There are two updates from me this month, including a new image, and another featured work!

This month’s image is of this snooty alien (my newest original character). Click to see more images on the Luxology Forum:

Not only that, as Apple Blossom is now not only featured in the Luxology Gallery, but also as a Daily Deviation on deviantART (20th September)! More recognition for my August 2010 piece!

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